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The main engine behind Glints is respect. Respect for the craft - Glints frames are handmade by the best craftsmen in Japan. For the eyewear initiate, frames handmade in Japan are to eyewear what Switzerland is to watchmaking. As such, Japan was the only logical place for us to develop and produce our collection. Respect for you, our customers - You are at the heart of everything we do. Glints’ mission is to offer our customers a great quality product at a fair price, so that the value created lies with you and not with a series of wholesalers and retailers. Our philosophy is also about providing you with the right product to suit your needs. We carefully select each lens to exactly cater to your prescription and your frame. We choose the perfect frame for your needs, along with great coatings and none of the expensive, gimmicky options.


We are passionate about eyewear; its design, its history, its role in the fashion industry, its production process. We see Glints as a platform that enables us to share our love and knowledge about glasses with you. Through our products, of course, but also through the many dimensions that make eyewear and Japan truly fascinating


Glints' team has been in the optical industry for many years. Eyewear is a special kind of product, at the crossroad between fashion accessory and medical device. Eyewear is at the center of our daily life, it is the window through which we see the world. Providing you with the best eye care is big responsibility, and we believe that knowledge and expertise are the key components to provide you with the right product to suit your needs.


We want Glints to be a brand that is close to its customers. Far from the traditional distribution system, our approach revolves around the relationship between the product and the wearer, we want to get to know you and hear your thoughts and opinions about our products and services.


Glasses can be a great way to express yourself and affirm your uniqueness. Long gone are the days of the uniform frame. We want you to choose the frame that represents you best, and to have fun with it. We all have several pairs of shoes, why shouldn’t it be the same for eyewear? One frame for the office and one frame for the weekend! Or even better, enough frames to suit your mood of the day, every day. With enough choices or shapes and colours, there is always a way to brighten your day with the right frames on your nose!