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Our dedication to superior quality

Creating a great pair of glasses demands a combination of masterful engineering, superior craftsmanship and a high attention to detail.

Our quest for excellent quality eyewear took us all the way to Japan, where we discovered the best kept secret in the industry; the unique Japanese take on handcrafted eyewear.

First, selecting the best materials available: all necessary materials to create Glints frames are produced and sourced in Japan, from our rivets and hinges down to the raw materials our products are made of. All Glints frames are made with Zyl acetate, the best acetate in the world thanks to its high stability, sturdiness and rich, deep colours and patterns.

Our uncompromising manufacturing approach is a combination of the best modern production techniques and masterful engineering to guarantee the best quality in the making of our frames.

From specialized buffing, polishing, finishing and millimeter precise assembly, each frame reaches completion at the skilled hands of craftsmen who maintain an unrivalled attention to detail and an impressive dedication to creating the best quality spectacles time after time.

No less than 80 separate production steps, over a span of four months, are required to bring our frames to life.

What makes Japanese craftsmanship so unique?

What makes Japanese craftsmanship so unique is a combination of careful engineering,  precise production processes and a traditional crafstmanship spirit that puts honour and pride in creating the very best products.

Japanese eyewear makers are the inheritors of a tradition that is a hundred years old.

True masters of their craft, having polished their skills and knowledge over many years, Japanese craftsmen are artists who relentlessly aim for perfection in every single pairs of glasses that they produce. When it comes to making the perfect frame, they hold no bars and spare no time.

A good way to start understanding what makes Japanese craftsmanship so special and unique in the world is to understand the values behind two key words: "waza " and "kiwameru".

技 ("Waza") is used in Japanese on various occasions to mean "skills", "techniques", "arts" and "craftsmanship". Waza holds a very special signification and importance in Japan, and people who have Waza are highly respected in Japanese society. For instance, Japan award outstanding craftsmen with the title of Living National Treasures of Japan.


究める ("Kiwameru") is a verb that means "to master something", "to do something thoroughly" and means that there is no end to the journey toward mastery. Japanese craftspeople dedicate themselves to polishing their skills until they are satisfied with the quality of the products they are making, moving from total mastery of the techniques and skills to a complete, intuitive knowledge and understanding of the product.